Even in these modern times, waste remains a part of our daily lives. From organic matter to petroleum-based plastic, waste comes in many forms. Recycling is a higher priority these days than at any time in the past, but doing so is not always a cost-effective option. In such cases, other methods of ...Read More
Ed Hardy | 22 Aug 2017 | Posted In: Generating energy, Renewable energy
On the 22 August Oli Coe, our senior engineer, will be attending the Energy in Agriculture event in Co.Tipperary, Ireland. This event is Ireland’s largest energy event for the farming community which highlights opportunities for farmers with regards to renewable energy and how they can adopt a ...Read More
Jenny Beynon | 17 Aug 2017 | Posted In: Energy saving, Use and Manage
I recently visited a greenhouse facility to help a customer with their compliance for the NFU Climate Change Levy (CCL) scheme. The Climate Change Levy is a tax charged on gas, electricity, LPG, coal and coke used by businesses in the UK. There is a tax relief available for businesses in a number ...Read More
Javier Cerrada | 16 Aug 2017 | Posted In: Comply, Comply, Energy saving
Good news our telephone system is now back to normal. We apologise for any inconvenience this disruption may have caused. ...Read More
Amanda Cardall | 11 Aug 2017 | Posted In: News and Views
Over the last couple of years, we have been involved with a research project that focuses on improving storage conditions for potatoes in terms of energy use and the evenness of airflow within the crop for the distribution of anti-sprouting agents. ...Read More
Ed Hardy | 10 Aug 2017 | Posted In: Compliance, Comply, Energy saving
If you applied to the Renewable Obligation (RO) scheme before it closed recently, or are trying to achieve RO accreditation you may require an Independent Technical Assurance Report (ITAR). The ITAR is required at Ofgem discretion, but usually for sites where evidence of generation is limited. ...Read More
Andrew Morbey | 08 Aug 2017 | Posted In: Generate, Renewable energy, Comply
Jodie Hisgett, Utilities Management Consultant, is finding that calls from NFU members who have unwittingly agreed to an unfavourable contract are becoming a common occurrence. Here she explains why and how you can avoid such a situation. ...Read More
Jodie Hisgett | 03 Aug 2017 | Posted In: Buy and Sell, Buying energy
I recently read some interesting news about electric cars and their relentless takeover of our roads. Dutch Bank ING reckons that within two decades all cars sold will be electric. Also, National Grid has predicted that by 2030, which is only 13 years away, peak electricity demand from charging ...Read More
Andrew Kneeshaw | 01 Aug 2017 | Posted In: Use and Manage, Generate, Generating energy, Renewable energy
Oli Coe from FEC Energy looks at this diverse topic. ...Read More
Oli Coe | 27 Jul 2017 | Posted In: Generate, Generating energy
There is a huge amount of interest in energy storage within UK agriculture and horticulture and how this may be of benefit to them financially, as well as in terms of their energy supply. ...Read More
Jon Swain | 25 Jul 2017 | Posted In: Generating energy, Use and Manage, Renewable energy