Wayleaves and Easements

If you are putting up a new building or reconfiguring your site, the positioning of lines, cables or pipes can be problematic.

How it works

We can negotiate with your Distribution Electricity Operator (DNO) on your behalf, to ensure work is carried out in accordance with your legal rights.

Even if your DNO has quoted you a fee for the work – and usually this is a big fee, sometimes tens of thousands of pounds - you can still often get things shifted for free.


How you benefit

  • Keep the cost of moving a utility asset to a minimum – we know all the rules when it comes to wayleaves and easements and regularly negotiate with DNOs to get work done on the most favourable terms for landowners
  • Save time and effort and be sure that you are going through the right procedures to get things done as swiftly as possible.
  • Release instant cash if there is potential to convert a wayleave to a one-off payment through an easement.

What to do next

Call us on 024 7669 6512 and ask to speak to Andrew – whether you already have a quote you want to check out, or are just in the early stages of your project.

Successful wayleave and easement negotiation takes time.  Your wayleave agreements often have long notice periods, so get in touch with us straight away if you think you may need to take action.


Contact us about Wayleaves and Easements

024 7669 6512 info@fec-energy.co.uk Request a call back

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