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FEC Energy is one of the UK's leading energy consultancies. We work with government departments, industry organisations, utility companies and manufacturers, and provide advice and practical support to businesses, with a special focus on agriculture and horticulture.

On the 8th July, the FEC Energy band performed for one night only to celebrate the companies 50th anniversary.

Throughout the year we have taken part in a number of events including our own Bake-Off, walking 50 miles around Warwickshire, a 50 mile cycle ride and a Wolf Run in order to raise money for Mind, the charity chosen by our team. You can support our fund raising efforts by making a donation here

Energy Spotlight

  • For many, burning recycled waste wood is a great choice, as it is a low cost and readily available biomass fuel. However, it’s important to make sure you’re properly permitted before you even take delivery.

  • The Vitacress Group are leading growers and packers of salads and speciality vegetables.

  • The Renewable Heat Incentive is a scheme that is administered by Ofgem, and aims to increase the amount of heat generated from renewable sources within England, Scotland and Wales.

  • Need help designing your heating system? Unsure if your existing equipment is suitable for your new project?

  • iQ Property Partnership own 13 student accommodation sites across the UK. We manage 48 utility accounts for them, covering Electricity, Gas and Water, handling bill checking, new contract negotiation and metering.

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OFGEM have confirmed their ‘minded to’ decision to cut TRIAD income for embedded generators. We can help you to ensure that you are maximising this income while you still can. 

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