If you’re spending more than £15,000 a year on energy, then you may get the best deal by putting your contract out to tender.

That may sound like a daunting task – but not for us. We tender hundreds of contracts every year and are experts at finding our way around the different suppliers, tariffs and offers.

How it works

Once we have details of how, when and how much energy you use, we’ll tender your contract with 10 or more suppliers and answer any questions they may have about your consumption profile.

We interpret all the different offers for you, explaining how they are constructed and how they compare to your current deal.

We then help you decide on the best option for your business and, if you decide to switch, we ensure that all paperwork and registrations are executed properly.

Use our bespoke service if you:

  • Use over 500,000 kWh of gas a year.
  • Have a half-hourly electricity supply, and a number of supplies that use more than 350,000 kWh a year.
  • Want a fixed price contract from 1 – 4 years.

How you benefit

  • Big potential savings – up to as much as 50% on current bills, in some cases.
  • Peace of mind and trouble free switching - we check and handle all the paperwork and send you your new contract to sign and return.
  • Expert advice that you can trust, with no hard sell – we are totally independent, know all about the different suppliers and have no tie-ins with any one supplier.
  • No hidden commissions - we charge either a fixed fee or an agreed commission, the choice is yours.
  • Simple explanations from friendly, down-to-earth advisers - to help you understand the different tariff options and exactly what’s involved.
  • Protection from gas and electricity price increases and simplified budgeting for 1 to 4 years – a fixed price for the duration of your contract.

What to do next

Call 024 7669 8885 and ask to talk to Jodie to get things started. Please have your electricity bill at hand, so we can get all the necessary details from you.

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