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Three Anaerobic Digesters and a saw mill…

As part of our Energy Account Management (EAM) service, our engineers will visit customer’s sites. As the Account Manager for our portfolio of Anaerobic Digester (AD) clients, it is always good to get to meet my customers face to face after only really speaking to them either on the phone or via email. So, I took the recent opportunity to venture out of the office to Norfolk with Oli Coe, our Senior Engineer.

We managed to fit in four site visits in one day to make the most of our tour. In fact, we were able to visit three AD plants and a saw mill relating to various aspects of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) accreditation.

I learnt a great deal from visiting the various AD plants and speaking to the operators. You don’t appreciate the scale of the plants until you see them ‘in the flesh’. There is something very mystical about how biogas is being produced, because it all hinges on keeping some very fussy microscopic organisms happy.

 It was also my first time visiting a saw mill (much less of an assault on the olfactory system than the AD plants!), where we were to complete an Independent Technical Assurance Report (ITAR). The ITAR is required at Ofgem’s discretion, but they are usually for sites where evidence of generation is limited. For example, if your site has no grid connection, exports very little electricity to the grid or uses a large majority of the generated electricity on site. In these circumstances, Ofgem requires third party verification of your metering arrangements, details of the electricity users and ongoing record keeping, all of which will be included in the ITAR. Find out more reading our recent blogs:

To round the day off nicely, we were treated to a beautiful sunset as the sun went down.

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