Friday 31st of March 2017 | Posted In: Biofuels, Comply, Renewable energy, Generate

RHI reforms - parliamentary process delayed

The Renewable Energy Association has just announced that the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive regulatory reforms have been withdrawn from parliament due to technical issues.

The reforms are expected to be re-laid before parliament as soon as possible, after the Easter recess. Parliamentary process is still anticipated to take 6-8 weeks from when the reforms are re-laid.

As this means there is a strong possibility that the reforms will not be effective until June, the current regulations and tariffs will remain in place for a little longer. The scheme will continue in its current format until the reforms have been agreed.

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****Update as of 6th April 2017***** 

BEIS issued a follow up announcement to the withdrawal of the RHI Reforms from parliament. They do not expect the parliamentary process to be significantly delayed beyond the timeframes initially announced. In light of this, we anticipate that the reforms could come into effect before the end of June.


**** Update as of 18th April 2017****

The Government has today announced that a General Election will take place on 8th June 2017. At this stage, we know very little about how this will affect the RHI reforms. The election means that parliament will be dissolved probably on 3rd May and while parliament is in dissolution, any regulatory reforms making the way through the parliamentary process will likely be delayed.

We are seeking clarification from relevant bodies and will update our website when we can provide more details.