Tuesday 5th of June 2018 | Posted In: Buy and Sell, Generate

Maximise your electricity export income

Many renewable electricity generators were installed to take advantage of Government incentives, such as the Feed-In Tariff or the Renewable Obligation Certificates schemes. However, it’s important to not overlook maximising your investment by getting the best price for any electricity exported.

Similarly, if you have a non-renewable generator (for example gas or diesel Combined Heat and Power) the electricity sales can often be the sole source of income, so it is all the more important to ensure this income is optimised.

Here at FEC Energy, we have a wealth of experience in getting the best deal that suits you.  By having a thorough understanding of what makes up the electricity sales contract and using our extensive knowledge of procuring energy, we are able to confidently go out to the market and obtain the best deal.

How can we help you?

We currently manage a portfolio of electricity generating capacity in excess of 100 MW with an annual electricity export sales value over £20 million. Our services include:

  • Negotiating the best contract for you: Whether that is fixed or fully flexible, we can present all available options to you so you can make an informed decision.
  • Tendering out to multiple suppliers: To ensure the offers are reflective of current market conditions.
  • Actively managing your electricity trading if you opt for a fully flexible contract: This means devising a customised trading strategy based on your export profile which will be regularly monitored.
  • Being able to group multiple half-hourly electricity supplies into your own portfolio to be administered together: If your supplies are not of sufficient size to warrant your own portfolio, you can join a basket and still receive your own individual statements.
  • Securing a contract with competitive embedded benefits: Including GDUoS/TRIADs/BSUoS and negotiating the most favourable supplier management fees to further boost your income.
  • Securing competitive export agreements: Including the purchase of ROCs, or obtaining a ROC only agreement without the sale of power if necessary.
  • Checking your energy sales and embedded benefit statements: To make sure you receive exactly what your contract entitles you to.
  • Managing all of your government incentives: Deal with submissions to and correspondence with Ofgem and ensure that you remain compliant with the various schemes. This represents a massive time saving to a lot of our customers.

We charge transparent fees for our services, either as a fixed up-front cost or via commission if preferred. There will be no hidden commissions or undisclosed penalties for under-performance. So give us a call on 024 7669 8899 to talk to the team.