Thursday 31st of August 2017 | Posted In: Renewable energy, Compliance, Comply

Javier heads off into the sunset

On the 7 October, I would have celebrated my third anniversary here at FEC Energy. However, Thursday (31 August) is my last day as I have been fortunate to get a job in my native country of Spain.

The last three years have passed very quickly. When I started at FEC Energy I had just finished a master's degree in renewable energy, which provided me with a background in agricultural engineering and knowledge in renewable energies. Since then, I have learned a lot, not only in the technical part of the job but above all, in dealing with colleagues and clients. Without a doubt, what I'm going to miss the most about working at FEC Energy is being in touch with all kinds of people. Visiting and chatting to different clients about their business has been very rewarding and such amazing experience.

I would like to thank FEC Energy for giving me the opportunities to grow my knowledge and career in the renewable energy sector.

My next adventure will be working as a solar photovoltaic engineer, a technology that I love. I’ll be responsible for all the activities from design, procurement and construction to commissioning and handover solar plants in different countries in Europe and UK. I’m looking forward to learning and becoming a better engineer in the coming years.