Tuesday 24th of April 2018 | Posted In: Buy and Sell, Comply, Generate, Use and Manage

How can we help you?

At FEC Energy, we provide services in a whole range of different topic areas and describe our capabilities as ‘anything to do with energy in agriculture’. However, this doesn’t really describe in simple terms how we may be able to help NFU members or others looking to solve their energy-related issues. Some of the more easily understood things we do can be described by the Buy, Generate, Save and Comply quartet.


We help clients get the best deal for them in purchasing energy. We have a range of solutions from participation in buying groups, individual contracts that cost nothing upfront (electricity companies pay us a commission) and a bespoke contract finding service for larger and half hourly supplies that can be paid for upfront or placed on a commission basis. Importantly, we don’t just consider price in the placement of contracts, we think it is also important to ensure that clients have as easy a time switching and billing as possible too.


Clients who generate electricity from renewable sources or combined heat and power, also need to get the best deal for their surplus that is exported to the grid or to other clients. We help negotiate Power Purchase Agreements for smaller generators, and for larger generators, we have a trading system that can be used to manage the time of generation as well as getting the best price.


Reducing energy consumption is often overlooked as a less interesting topic to renewable energy generation; however, it is arguably more important. We have been involved in many research and development projects investigating energy saving options and have a wealth of experience in translating these into commercial practice.


There are many legislative requirements and incentive schemes that can enforce large penalties for non-compliance or be highly beneficial in supporting a project. Some of these are described by the following acronyms Roc, FiT, RHI, CCL, CRC, ESOS, CfD. We are well placed to help with any ongoing issues or to support clients through the maze of requirements to ensure they meet their obligations.

Of course, we get involved in all sorts of other issues, for example organising grid connections, sorting out wayleave issues, carrying out feasibility studies etc. Come and talk to us and I am sure we can help!