Thursday 25th of October 2018 | Posted In: Generate, Generating energy

Case Study: Fullcircle Energy... getting a better price for their exported electricity

When Fullcircle Energy become one of our fully account managed customers we discovered that another broker had negotiated an export contract with a large commission. So we secured an alternative contract, which earnt them an extra £7,000 per year for their exported power.

Fullcircle Energy is based at Allens Farm in Crockleford Heath, Colchester, where they farm 300 acres of onions and potatoes along with 1,000 acres of cereals and 500 acres of maize. From this crop production, 8,000 tonnes of feedstock is generated a year which is converted to biogas through their Anaerobic Digester (AD) plant, which drives a 499 kW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engine.

In March 2016, Fullcircle Energy contacted us to help with their Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) application by submitting their Fuel Measurement and Sampling (FMS) Questionnaire. Their RHI application was subsequently approved in late December 2016. They appreciated our expertise and efficiency through this accreditation process so much that they signed up to be one of our fully account managed customers. We now take care of Fullcircle Energy’s Feed-in-tariff and RHI claims, ongoing compliance and import/export electricity contract negotiation, bill validation and income claims.

During the process of enrolling Fullcircle Energy as an account managed client, we looked into their Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contract and we were able to recommend a number of improvements to save them money. Firstly, we gained authority to act on behalf of Fullcircle Energy and negotiated a PPA renewal, along with transparent pricing from us. We retained all the elements of the PPA they required without having to pay a premium and by doing so, we saved the customer £2 per MWh in commission on their export.

David Hunter from Fullcircle Energy said: “Without the help of FEC Energy we would have been stuck paying a huge commission on our export contract and not getting the most for our generated energy.”

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