Tuesday 18th of September 2018 | Posted In: Buy and Sell, Buying energy

Buying group goes from strength to strength

We have just closed our latest NFU Electricity Buying Group and it’s been the most successful to date. We secured over 700 contracts in the buying group and saved over 500 NFU Members on average 7.2% on the next best price we would have otherwise secured for them individually.

The total consumption placed with the buying group totalled over 13GwH and over 90% of the participants in this group elected for the two-year option as this offered the greatest saving. This group takes our total number of active buying group contracts to over 2200.

During the last year, we have been inviting the seven NFU regions to register interest in the buying group. We have just invited Devon and Cornwall to register, and the uptake so far has been great, which will continue to strengthen our buying power for future buying groups.

You can register your interest in the buying group anytime; however, the buying group you enter will depend on the renewal date for your contract. The next buying group is for contracts that are due to end between 01 January 2019 and 31 March 2019, and we will be locking in prices for this group on 01 November 2018.

It couldn’t be easier to join the buying groups; just go to www.fec-energy.co.uk/nfu and register your interest online. Alternatively, call us on 0370 845 8458. The more members we have involved in these groups gives us the best opportunity to drive prices down even further in an ever increasing market.

You can find some frequently asked questions about the NFU Electricity Buying Group on the NFU website found here: www.nfuonline.com/news/latest-news/nfu-electricity-buying-groups-offer-big-savings-for-members/