Thursday 11th of January 2018 | Posted In: Buying energy, Buy and Sell

Big energy users take the risk

Big energy users can save money by putting their electricity contracts out to tender. Yes, this can sound daunting, but if your business is spending more than £15,000 on electricity a year then you could save by doing so.

We are here to help you; in fact, we tender hundreds of contracts every year through our bespoke fixed-price electricity contracts and are experts at finding our way around the different suppliers, tariffs and offers.

J.H.Mitchinson and Clayton Caravan Park have both benefited from our bespoke fixed-price electricity contracts. Here is how we have helped them with their electricity contracts:

J.H. Mitchinson, Carlisle

When the P272 Government legislation was implemented, J.H. Mitchinson was faced with confusing regulations and additional costs. We were able to explain exactly how this would affect the business and ensure that they were paying the best electricity price available for their poultry farm. On average, the contracts we recommend are 5 to 10% cheaper than the highest offers, ensuring that our customers don’t end up tied into expensive contracts.

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Clayton Caravan Park, North East Fife

For the past few years, we have helped to make sure that Clayton Caravan Park has paid the best possible price for their electricity contracts. So, when they added a new site and needed to apply for a new supply, they naturally approached us for help.

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If you would like to find out more about how you could benefit from our bespoke fixed price service, call me, Jodie, on 024 7669 8885.