Electricity Buying Group

Electricity Buying Group

If you spend more than £50k a year on electricity, via half-hourly metered supplies, our buying group allows you to buy ‘direct’ from the wholesale electricity market – usually only open to you as a single buyer if you spend more than £1m per year.

How it works

Basically, we take care of everything apart from paying the bill! We set up your supply contract, manage the buying, check your bills and resolve any issues.

You still have an electricity supply contract with and are billed by, a ‘big name’ electricity supplier.

In the background, we add all of our client’s electricity consumption together and buy it ‘as one’ every half hour to get the best price.

The price you pay for the amount of electricity you use, in each half hour, is exactly what it costs us – there are no 'added extras'.

Use our buying group if you:

  • Spend more than £50k per year on half-hourly metered electricity supplies.
  • Want to save money by eliminating the risk margins built into fixed price electricity contracts.
  • Are comfortable seeing small changes in the price you pay for electricity each month.

How you benefit

  • Lower electricity costs - case studies show an average saving of 8% over the last 4 years.
  • No annual contract renewal merry-go-round – enjoy a minimum 12-month contract, with only 1 month notice thereafter.
  • No sky high, out of contract rates - you pay the wholesale price, nothing more for as long as you stay with us.
  • Enjoy even greater benefits if you can change the time of day you use electricity to avoid expensive ‘tea time’ electricity and use more ‘night time’ electricity – gives you the potential for up to 10 hours of ‘cheaper’ electricity.

What to do next

Call 024 7669 8899 and ask to talk to Tim or Elisa, to see if joining our buying group could work for you.

Contact us about Electricity Buying Group

024 7669 8899 info@fec-energy.co.uk Request a call back

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