Design Services

Design Services

Heating systems come in varying degrees of complexity, from straightforward one heat source, one-use systems to those with multiple uses, locations and sources.

Your system must work well and as efficiently as possible to avoid wasting money. This means ensuring flow rates, pipe sizing, pump sizing and heating equipment are all designed to fit logically together and work effectively as a whole.

How it works

We combine our experience of energy and engineering to:

  • Design and specify your system, in detail, to achieve the most effective and trouble-free operation.
  • Calculate the energy output you require, matching this with your usage profile.
  • Plan and manage how the system fits in with your existing infrastructure, to deliver electricity or heat in the most practical way.

How you benefit

  • Expert advice from experienced and independent engineers – who understand how conventional and renewable energy systems fit together.
  • Get a system that is correctly sized for your heating requirements.
  • Avoid wasting money on oversized or undersized equipment.
  • Get an independent review of installer quotes, to ensure they are fit for purpose and cost effective.

What to do next

Call 024 7669 8887 and ask to talk to Thomas or Javier for an initial discussion. Once we’ve assessed your specific requirements, we’ll send you a quote for the work.

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