If you grow, sell or burn non-wood fuels, then the Sustainable Fuel Register (SFR) is going to make your fuel sustainability reporting a lot simpler.
Jenny Beynon | 31 Jan 2017 | Posted In: Biofuels, Renewable energy, Compliance
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has been recently developed to help reduce the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) entering the atmosphere, where it contributes towards the greenhouse effect and climate change. CCS technology can capture up to 90% of CO2 emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels in... Read More...
Ed Hardy | 26 Jan 2017 | Posted In: Generating energy, Use and Manage
This year, FEC Energy is celebrating its 50th anniversary and we intend to make it our biggest and best year yet.
Jenny Beynon | 12 Jan 2017 | Posted In: Biofuels, Buy and Sell, Buying energy, Compliance, Energy saving, Generate, Renewable energy
As a result of greater scrutiny from environmental non-governmental organisations, it has become a necessity for the bioenergy industry to demonstrate that biomass fuel is obtained from sustainable and legal sources and does not have a harmful environmental impact.
Tay Bishop | 11 Jan 2017 | Posted In: Renewable energy, Generating energy
It might not have been a white Christmas this year, but it certainly was a green one. According to Drax power group, renewable energy sources contributed 40% of electricity generated on Christmas Day. This made it the greenest on record for energy generation, beating Christmas Day 2015 where 25% of... Read More...
Andrew Kneeshaw | 05 Jan 2017 | Posted In: Buy and Sell, Generate
We were live on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio at 1.30 and 2.30pm on Wednesday 22nd December! They saw our story behind our singing Christmas card and wanted to come and find out more about FEC Energy and the making of the video. We also performed a live acoustic version of Jingle Bells with a... Read More...
Jenny Beynon | 22 Dec 2016 | Posted In: Biofuels, Buying energy, Comply, Energy saving, Generate, Use and Manage
In the world of energy and climate change, 2020 marks a significant milestone. In accordance with the Renewable Energy Directive, the UK is mandated to produce 15% of its energy from renewable sources. With a starting point of 1.3% in 2005, one of the lowest in the EU, that target might have seemed... Read More...
Jenny Beynon | 20 Dec 2016 | Posted In: Energy saving, Renewable energy
Yesterday’s announcement of the outcomes of the RHI consultation has delivered some clarity on the intentions to continue supporting biomass boilers and biomass CHP.
Jon Swain | 15 Dec 2016 | Posted In: Renewable energy, Generating energy, Biofuels
The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has just released the results of the consultation into RHI reforms. While we take time to digest all 161 pages, a summary of the main points is below. The consultation proposed several changes to the existing non-domestic RHI scheme, which... Read More...
Jon Swain | 14 Dec 2016 | Posted In: Renewable energy
When temperatures took a plunge recently, we could safely say that it’s definitely Triad season. The National Grid uses Triads to incentivise electricity generators to give back to the grid during peak usage times.
Max Knowles | 12 Dec 2016 | Posted In: Buy and Sell, Generating energy, Use and Manage